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Link PARTners

Each PART member organization designates a staff person to act as an ambassador between PART and their peers. Link PARTners enjoy a two-way relationship with PART: PART communicates directly with the Link PARTner about upcoming events, new PARTicles and the launch of new products. In turn, Link PARTners identify ways in which PART can better support the member agency’s efforts to implement evidence-informed practice. PART supports Link PARTners through:

  • Regional meetings and networking opportunities.
  • An annual retreat focused on creating opportunities for learning, networking and the strategic deployment of evidence-informed practice principles.
  • Special events and communications.

To find out who the Link PARTner for your agency is, click here.


Some downloadable documents for LP's:


Key concepts in EIP:

Not sure about your role as a Link PARTner and
how you can implement EIP on an individual and organizational level? Learn more here.

Steps to Implementing EIP and PART:

Still not sure how you can get EIP and PART started? Find out more here.





Enhance your leadership skills as a
Link PARTner. Find out more here about
how you can make a difference.

Organizational Change:

As a Link PARTner how can you manage change? Learn more.