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A Study in Critical Thinking: Raissa and her Family

If choose to meet with Markus…

Think about the following

  1. What does the research say about the risk for future violence in violence against women cases?
  2. What role do you think child welfare has in this situation?
  3. Reflecting on other similar cases that you have worked on what have you done that has been effective?  Not effective?
  4. What is your personal reaction to Markus’ plan?  What further would you like to discuss with him?
  5. What information would you like to have about men who have used violence against women, and how would you use this in your work in a way that promotes Raissa’s safety? How would Raissa be involved?

What Happens

You meet with Markus; he is currently living with his parents.  Markus will be pursuing access to his new baby.  As for his relationship with Raissa, he says he is not sure how he feels about a reunification, he will just “wait and see”.

What do you do?

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