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A Study in Critical Thinking: Raissa and her Family

What happens

You contact Raissa first and arrange a home visit with her and Regan.

Raissa is unsure if she wants to reconcile with Markus

Raissa wonders what CAS would think if she did reconcile

Raissa is fearful about CAS involvement and the possibility of Regan being taken into out-of-home care

Raissa shares that Markus becomes angry very easily at her recent “pregnancy brain”

Markus accuses Raissa of cheating on him with various men, including on occasion his brother

Raissa feels that Markus has trouble communicating his feelings

Raissa feels that she is often able to “manage” Markus’ behaviour


Why did you choose this response time?

How would you prioritize this case and why?

Have you had cases like this before? If yes, how have you responded? What factors did you consider when deciding on a time frame? What was the outcome?

Who would you interview and how would you arrange these interviews?

Would you invite a violence against women community worker to the interview? Why, or why not?

Within what time frame do you respond?

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