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A Study in Critical Thinking: Raissa and her Family

If choose to arrange a second home visit with Raissa …


  1. How do you proceed with Markus without compromising Raissa and Regan’s safety?
  2. What further concerns do you have following these meetings?
  3. What would your next step be?  
  4. Who else might you involve or consult with?
  5. Reflecting on your past practice, what has worked in your interventions?
  6. What does the research say about re-offending in violence against women situations?

What Happens

You arrange a second home visit with Raissa and Regan to explore Regan’s reaction to the incident of violence.

During your meeting with Raissa, she shares that Regan has always been a very fussy baby, difficult to settle and “clingy” to her

What do you do?

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