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A Study in Critical Thinking: Raissa and her Family

Think about the following

  1. How might this home visit be different from the one with just the child protection worker?
  2. What information do you think you might glean?
  3. How are your assumptions and understanding of the case different from those of the transitional support worker? How will you resolve these differences in your decision-making?
  4. What worries do you have for Raissa and Regan’s safety?
  5. What strategies might you use to engage Raissa at this time?

What Happens

With Raissa’s agreement you decide to involve a transitional support worker from a local women’s shelter and you do a joint home visit with Raissa.

During this visit Raissa shared that Markus was initially not happy about the pregnancy and accused her of “sleeping around.”  Markus took a week long “break” from the relationship and Raissa said Markus returned happy and ready to “be a daddy”.  

Raissa indicates that she would like to continue to meet with the transitional support worker to discuss her relationship with Markus.

What do you do?

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