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Evidence-informed Decision Making: A Case Study

What you know:

You are a family services worker for Tamara and her mother, Sophia.

Tamara, a 7-year-old girl, is living in a foster home because her mother, Sophia, is unable to manage her daughter’s behaviour.  The family is new to Canada.  Sophia experienced violence from Tamara’s father, who is not involved with the family and does not live in Canada.  Tamara witnessed violence by her father towards her mother.

Tamara is displaying disorganized attachment when it comes to access with her mother.  Tamara cries when it comes time to have court ordered access with her mother, and has extreme difficulty during transitions.  The foster caregiver is concerned about Tamara's negative reaction to visits with her mother and continually asks you to stop access because it’s difficult for Tamara. 

The goal is for Tamara to return to her mother's care.


What lens are you working from?

What do you think about Tamara’s behaviour?

What do you decide to do?

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