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Evidence-informed Decision Making: A Case Study

Think about and discuss the following:

You connect Sophia with an immigration support organization that offers parenting support and resources for navigating financial and healthcare offices.  You also provide the names of two community groups that support women who have experienced domestic violence.  You ensure that these groups are engaged with some type of program evaluation, and are based on a strong theoretical foundation.

You access support for Tamara in the form of a child and youth psychologist/social worker/counsellor who specializes in working with migrant and refugee children.

What does successful completion of these programs look like?  For you?  For Sophia?  For Tamara?

What are your contingency plans if “success” is not achieved as expected?

Why do you believe this is best for Tamara?  How do you plan to work towards achieving the ultimate goal of Tamara returning to Sophia’s care?  How and where did you gather your evidence?  Are you missing any other information?

The End

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